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Are you a quilt lover who wants to make a crazy quilt or tshirt quilt yourself? Have you ever wanted to make a crazy, rag or tshirt quilt but didn’t how to start? Let me tell you first hand that this is a wonderful and rewarding hobby and it doesn’t take a genius to learn it. With a little patience and a bit of practice, you’ll be on your way to making your own quilts! This article will teach you just that,tips to make a quilt the traditional way. Make a tshirt or crazy project as a starter. If you plan to skip the hard work, watch the video above to find out how to use technology to speed up how you make them!


Read Some Quilting Magazines. You might be wondering why you should read … just to find out how to make a simple baby quilt. Well they show you how to make a quilt and contain lots of patterns with instructions and great photos. You’ll even begin to pick up the common quiltmaking terms by reading. Aside from this, it will be easier for you to quilt once you have basic knowledge on the different techniques of quiltmaking which you will be exposed to by reading magazines. My suggestion is for you to start out with a magazine that is written for beginners then you will be ready to move on to a more specialized magazine with more advanced lessons. If you decide to make a baby blanket, they are popular too.


Know your fabrics Most quilters use 100% cotton fabric to make quilts but the fiber content is not all you must know about. Understanding the quality of the fabric you use is also very important. Study grains, prewashing, doing a bleed test, thread count etc. Research the types of materials you are going to work with before washing or cutting them. This way you are certain that your supplies will not go to waste and your quilts will last for several years. If you plan to make a baby project knowing which materials to make your blanket is helpful.

Make a masterpiece with color and value  Take a look at the color wheel and research some of the theories. Somel colors are used often because they have been tested. Although there are several theories you should try new ideas too. It helps to put the colors beside one another before deciding what to use. You should research more about using value to create impact as well as value to make your quilt have depth.


Make your block with perfect construction. Quilt blocks design usually start with a four patch. You can design unlimited quilt designs if you begin with the four patch grid. You can subdivide each square and if you look closely at most traditional quilt blocks, you can still see their original grid. If you are a beginning quilter, you should begin out with the four patch quilt block which is the most common quilt design. Beginners should make crazy , rag or baby styles. You can make a tshirt for easy construction.


Layout , sashing and borders. To determine the layout you’ll need your mattress size and compute how many blocks you must make. Decide if you want sashing on your quilt, borders, and the types you will use. Decide on these while starting your quilt and include them in your quilt size. Tshirt styles are great with sashing and borders.


Make the quilt sandwich. What kind of batting you will use. I use 100% cotton most of the time but there are other good options to consider like: wool, bamboo, polyester, silk and microfiber. After you get the batting, choose the backing to complete the sandwich.


Lets quilt. Will you hand or machine quilt. You can also try hand tying a simple baby blanket.


Make a binding. Make binding strips and sew the binding to the edge. If you make a rag type, you will not need to bind it.


And you are all done! These simple steps will help you get started. Every project you complete you’ll find out a little more about how to make a throw that you love. Enjoy!