Crazy Quilt Blocks

Introducing crazy quilt block 8 - Pintangle
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Questions and Answers

Quilting patterns?Use of handkerchiefs for quilts.

Posted by osirisandisis
[display_name id=”1″]I’ve seen crazy quilts using handkerchiefs in several different ways. Simply Quilts had a guest who cut the handkerchiefs up, using only the decorative parts and making a crazy quilt with them. I’ve also seen them ironed flat and attached to another piece of fabric (usually white) and then treated like a block, with sashing between them. Another method is to cut them in half diagonally, preserving the decorative corner. They were then sewn to the blocks that looked like a basket so the hankie draped over the edge of the basket. They’ve been cut or folded and used in appliqué blocks as the skirt of a Colonial Lady (sort of a grown up Sunbonnet Sue). Finally, I’ve seen them kept whole but folded to display the decorative corner, then sewn to to background fabric so the front layer was still loose and draped.
Should I use a template when making a first crazy quilt?I’m planning on starting my first crazy blanket soon, and I was wondering whether it would be wise or not to use a crazy quilt block templates, or if I should just “freehand” it as I go along. I’d rather not use a template but since I’ve never done this before, I’m wondering if it would make things easier on me if did.Any thoughts from more experienced quilters?

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[display_name id=”1″]A crazy quilt is many different shape squares or triangle,etc pieced together. A template is not needed if you have a cutting board and a quilting ruler. You can sew all the pieces together lets say to what looks like 12″ by 12″. Then take that square and place it on the cutting board and use your ruler to cut it to a perfect11 1/2 by 11 1/2 square. You can make as many squares or do it in triangles to make a lap quilt, twin quilt or whatever size you want. I have taken extra squares and triangles and put them together in a crazy design. It turned out perfect.then to finish it off take some material and make a 4 inch border and your done. You always make your squares with 1/2 inch allowance because you will be sewing them together and that is your 1/4 seam on both sides.
What is a crazy quilt?What is a crazy quilt and how is it made?

Posted by nicholswaverly
[display_name id=”1″]A crazy quilt is usually a “scrap” quilt, meaning that it’s made from lots of different fabrics. It also isn’t made with regular “blocks” pieced with precise “patches” or shapes of fabric, which are then set in some kind of grid. It often also has various bits of embroidery work on or between the individual pieces to decorate it more (they were originally made just to easily use up any leftover fabric a family had).Here are lots of pics:area from a typical older type of crazy quilt (heavily embellished):…many more:”cra…”cra…The concept is sometimes applied to a particular blocks too, like the “log cabin” blocks… Here’s an example of a “crazy log cabin” blocks (or a “wonky log cabin”), for example:…HTH,

Diane B.

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  1. Marie
    3 years ago

    I want to know how to sew the 8 x10 squares together? I have all my squares done but want to sew a pink strip down between each blocks? How do I do it?


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