Crazy Quilt Pattern

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Crazy Quilt Pattern – Questions and Answers

How to make a crazy quilt pattern for a toddler?I don’t mean a fancy quilt where you’re stitching hexagonal units together and clever stuff like that. I mean how do you plain quilt, about 50 by 60 inches?I want to put cars on it. I think I would fold it to work out how many squares I’d get and then iron the creases in, and then put a car (appliqued) in each square, but I’ve never done it before. My toddler son is crazy about cars and I’d love to try to make him a little quilt for his cot-bed.I’d be grateful for any advice. I can applique and I love cutting out shapes and putting them together but I’ve never tried to make a quilt before. I bought the wadding/batting from ebay, and some pale blue cotton for the cover fabric and I just need to work out how to stitch it together to make a car-car-blanky for him!I literally want all advice. I know it in theory, I’ve googled it, but I’m still wanting advice from people who know it in practice. Please tell me if you know anything on how to do this? I really want it to work out. I’m all excited about it.Thank you

Posted by Yvonne D
[display_name id=”1″]This pattern is simple/easy (you can use many colors and add more blocks for a larger quilt) – few more here (page 2) –…This may also help you –…
Crazy Quiltting?I’d like to start crazy quiltting.I need a good pattern / websites with instructions that have LOTS of photos as I learn better when there are visuals.Thanks!

Posted by Dandy_Lyons
[display_name id=”1″]Crazy Quilts are the friggin bomb. I learned about them in a fibers and materials class I took last year. Seek out a crazy design pattern that you like. I would start by looking at some of them. You can learn a lot by just observing. I would read up on the history of them also… Very interesting stuff.
I would start by collecting scraps of fine velvet, silk, and embroidery…… CRAZY QUILT crazy-………

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