Where To Find Quilting/Sewing Classes

Sewing is when you stitch two pieces of fabric together with a needle and thread. Quilting is a process of stitching two layers of fabric together with some sort of padding in the center. There are many types of quilts such as t-shirt, photo, and rag quilting. If you’re looking to learn how to sew or quilt? Here are some easy ways for you to learn.

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The best place for you to go is to someone who already knows how to sew. Ask them to teach you! needle crafters are generally really kind and willing to help you out! You can also learn from tv shows, magazines or books. Here are a few more ideas:

Sewing Classes

Enrolling yourself into sewing classes is also a good idea. Aside from getting a teacher, you would also benefit from having a whole class to support you. This is important especially when you are a beginner. In a class format you can ask for help when you run into a problem, as a beginner you may get frustrated if you try to learn alone. A good teacher plus a good support group will make sewing a lot less difficult and a whole lot more fun!

Online Sewing Classes

The internet is a great place for you to learn about about sewing. Read from informative articles and watch free videos. Yes, there are loads of free educational videos online. I suggest that you subscribe for video updates to helpful Youtube channels. You will learn the latest trends in quilting/sewing and a lot of other topics over the internet. There are also a lot of great online classes. Learn from the comforts of your own home! Wonderful teachers are available for a small fee and you’ll have knowledge you can pass on to your children and friends. Here are some great choices: Burdastyle or Learn Patternmaking Basics: The Skirt Sloper with Suzy Furrer You will also find free sewing classes on these online websites.

Free Sewing Classes

You can get many free online class by Clicking Here

Quilting Guilds

These are local groups who conducts regular meetings to talk about projects, learn new things, and share experiences. Find one near your area and attend one of their meetings. You’ll be amazed at how many friendly people you’ll find who are more than willing to help you learn how to sew! To find local guilds you can search online for a directory of quilt guilds, you will be able to one in your local area.

Local Sewing Classes

Do you have a local fabric store near you? Visit your local fabric store or craft store and ask about classes. They usually have a list of classes for various popular lessons. Individual teachers also advertise and leave cards at various fabric stores, ask around and find the best teacher for your needs.

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