How To Make A Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt Ideas For Beginners

Baby Quilt Patterns
You can find many baby crib patterns to make by searching online. Intricate sewing is not necessary because you should make  these heavily used and heavily laundered quilts to withstand heavy use. Choose fabric with beautiful baby colors and many soft textures that the baby will enjoy. I suggest that you make your own pattern by cutting an assortment of simple squares and assembling them into a pleasing blanket! Follow these suggestions to make a baby quilt that will be treasured for a long time. You can watch the video below to learn how to sew the blocks together!

I also like making baby photos out of materials! These type of quilts are easy to make for beginners and are fast too. If you want to make an amazing gift try this technique!

Make Crib Quilt
If you want to make  crib accessories it is a good idea to first pay attention to the correct measurements of the crib. Small babies can easily suffocate if the crib bedding is larger than necessary. That being said, baby bedding is simple to design for beginners… even crib patterns.

How To Make A Baby Quilt Blanket
Want to make a quilt blanket? Well you can do it easily by making the backing of the quilt with a very soft fabric like “Minky”. You can also try using a microfiber blanket as the backing. You can find microfiber blankets at stores like target for a very reasonable price.

How To Make A Baby Quilt For BeginnersLearn how to make a baby quilt
If you are just learning to make quilts, the best way to learn is by taking a class! The good thing about baby designs is that they are usually very simple to make, which is perfect for beginners. You can also find beginners patterns and lessons  online. You can also learn a lot from sites like Burdastyle or  from YouTube videos for sure!… I’ve included one below.

Another thing to consider if you want to make an easy baby quilt is to use new technology! You can make many intricate baby quilt designs and even create custom fabrics by printing your own patterns. Beginners can make beautiful patterns with a limited amount of sewing experience. “Fabric Now” software has patterns built right into the application. Adding software technology to your quilting basket of tricks will make even beginners look like experts! Modern quilting is a growing area of interest and using technology is a modern way of quilting. With “Fabric Now”, your baby quilt can be traditional looking, modern or even brightly colored. The possibilities are really endless!

Another benefit of using this software is that you won’t need rotary cutters, or expensive patterns or material. To learn more about this new idea for a baby blanket, go here:  How To Make A Quilt

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