How To Make A Crazy Patch Quilt

Crazy quilt embroidery - unleash your creativity
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How To Make or Repair A Crazy Quilts – Questions and Answers

How to make a very easy beginner quilt?

Posted by Robin In
[display_name id=”1″]Google “log cabin quilt”. Or “crazy quilt” read the directions, and YOU choose.
How to patch a quilt ?I have an old quilt (maybe 50 years old) and some of the pieces of fabric are starting to rip from just being old. This is a blanket I really love and I’d like to fix it – it’s just a crazy quilt, just random, no pattern.
I am very good at sewing clothes but I have never learned how to make any patchwork. Can anyone tell me the proper way to make patch for a blanket or provide a good link with instructions?

Posted by Passenger (wow widow)
[display_name id=”1″]What a timely question!! I JUST finished fixing a crazy quilt where the cheap muslin I used had broken down.Match the fabric as best as you can .. You said it was crazy quilt, so you might have some older clothes that have similar material so it’s not ‘new’ looking …Using your seam ripper, remove the quilting that held it in. When that is done, then remove the ripping piece by taking out the stitches. This is going to be time consuming and it is very meticulous work! It took me longer to take out my quilting and stitches that it did to sew the new patch in. You’ll also need to remove some of the quilting / piecing stitches from the surrounding patches.Putting the patch in will be relatively easy – cut it to shape leaving 1/4″ seam allowance – depending on the condition of the batting, you might need to put a patch in for that as well .. Cut the batting patch and fabric patch the same size. Ease the patch under the other patches, make sure that you have your 1/4″ seam allowance underneath. Pin it in place. What I did was just sew in the patch and batting all in one go – it is recommended to actually sew the piece in with blindstich or whip-stitchh, THEN stitch down the pieces.I hope this helps!!
How could I make this?I would love to make this but I can’t find an obvious pattern. What would be the best way to figure out how to make it? I would really appreciate some assistance, anything helps!Here is a link, Http://…If the first one doesn’t work go to & search Crazy Patchwork and Sham and the right one will come up!

Posted by Curious.Morge=)
[display_name id=”1″]I wouldn’t exactly call that blanket a “crazy design” since each block in a crazy block is usually created *around a central piece* (each additional piece in the block is then added sort of concentrically around that first center piece, farther and farther out from the center).
I notice that the second link given by the first answer shows a “crazy design” that doesn’t follow that pattern though, which is more unusual and created with pieces more than the strip-units of the one you pictured .(But this is one example of  a “scrappy” design since many different fabrics are used.)As to how it’s done, there really isn’t a normal pattern for this kind of random-pieced top, except for the fact that this one uses retangular *units* made up of squares and rectangles.
There are 5 strip “units” in this to be precise, though not every unit is the same composition/arrangment as the others.Basically, there is one long horizontal piece along the top, then 3 shorter horizontal units under that on the right and one vertical piece on the left.That particular blanket you would make in this kind of order, in 3 basic steps:1) …sew various squares and rectangles together to create part 1 (the first of the 3 units which will end up under the long part at top of blanket)
…sew various squares and rectangles together to create Units 2 and 3 in the same way (the maker has piece 2 here wider than the 3 and 1, but doesn’t matter)
…now, sew those three units together along their long sides to create larger pieces of 3 strips
(you now have what I’ll call  A)2) …make another part (Unit 4) from rectangles and squares the same way you created the first three units
…but, then sew Unit 4 to the *ends* of the first three parts (which are now  A) *vertically*, not horizontally
…trim any excess fabric from the long side of part 1 and end of part 4 so their edges are completely even all the way across and they form one straight edge
(you now have B)3)…make one last unit (Unit 5) like you did the first
…sew it to the top of Unit B, all the way across(…finally, trim off any excess fabric from the whole assembled top so that you’ll end up with a square or rectangle shape to use as your final top)Hope that made sense,Diane B.

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