How To Make A Crazy Quilt Pillow

How to Make a Crazy Quilt Pillow: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
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How To Make A Crazy Quilt Pillow – Questions and Answers

Quilt, pillow or wall hanging out of show ribbons?I have quite a few show ribbons and I was just looking around online and saw some really neat looking quilts and what not out of old horse/ dog show ribbons. I was unable to find any patterns but I am wanting to make one. I own a sewing machine and have made several quilts. Before but i wold love to find a pattern and make this! Thanks for any help! I appreciate it! And be sure to check them out. They are a really good idea and are beautiful. Thanks for any help!

Posted by Lucy G

[display_name id=”1″]You can make “fabric” out of show ribbons by using an edge joining stitch. I have a huge stack of ribbon  I’ve been pondering. My biggest concern is that they are not colorfast. If you expose them to sunlight or even incandescent light, they fade like crazy. You might consider mounting them near the ceiling in your sewing room above light sources like windows. If you have an inkjet printer with oil based inks, you can scan them into the computer and print them on regular material. Then treat with Synthrapol or Retayne. This wouldn’t give you the satin effect but the image would last a long time. The blanket currently on my bed was printed on material back in 1999. The images are still wonderful and the quilt has been laundered at home.

How would you use different patches of denim in making a blanket? Or a pillow. I know this can be done, i just don’t know how. Most magazines i’ve read on quilting are very specific about taking measurements but i also know a lot of amateur quilters just use patches of whatever they find. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by Blondie

[display_name id=”1″]What that is called is a “crazy quilt”. Look in your magazines for that. They’re not all that easy to make.

If you’re a beginner you should start with a simple 4 or 9 patch, and make a crazy wall hanging first.

What are some awesome project ideas i can do with these crazy fabrics?I’ve been meaning to just settle down for a while, log off the computer and just spend some time making and stitching different things with my sewing machine. One problem.. All i have for that is
My sewing Machine
All the thread I need
and these crazy fabrics
A fish design,
a fabric covered in masks,
a fabric with fireworks on it,
and a fabric with polka dots,
and then i have old scraps from
t-shirt reconstructions I’ve done in the past.
I love to sew mainly clothes, or putting things together.
Does anybody have any creative ideas????
And just so you know I’m kind of a beginner so nothing to majorBtw I used the all those weird fabrics to previously make few pillow ^^ what can I say who doesn’t need a pillow covered with fish and polka dots.

Posted by Amber

[display_name id=”1″]You could make a crazy patch quilt (different sizes and shapes of each piece of material). Once you have joined all the pieces together there may be enough for a lap quilt (that will match your pillows) or to actually construct garment.

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