How to Make A Crazy Quilt

Crazy Quilt Techniques

This is a style of quilt that originated in the Victorian era but there are many more techniques to choose from now. Modern techniques make it simple to make.

How To Make A Crazy Patch Quilt
The original form of crazy patch quilting was an improvisational and spontaneous style of patch quilting. You can stitch random pieces of fabric to form a large patch that is sandwiched together with batting and a backing. Each patch is  different than the next patch.

Make Crazy Quilt Patterns | Quilting Software

Crazy Quilt Pattern
Now you can make this style of  quilt using patterns. some of the patterns are related to a log cabin but starting with an irregular shaped center piece. Another kind of crazy quilt pattern is related to paper piecing. The designs usually have a random assortment of fabric but you can also make a crazy pattern that forms a picture using computer software. The software that can make these amazing crazy quilt patterns is called “Quilted Landscape Xpress”. You can make a crazy blocks pattern with the click of a button.

Crazy Quilt Blocks
You can make a crazy quilt as one large block or small block stitched together. The small blocks are easy to make and you can also put sashing between the blocks for a different design choice. Quilted Landscape Xpress and Quilted Photo Deluxe Software will make a custom crazy quilt block pattern.

How To Make A Crazy Quilt Pillow
To make a pillow is just like making a full project but much smaller and easier. The pillow cover is made of several patches put together. Making a pillow to match the rest of the project is always good.

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