How to Make A Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Instructions For Beginners

How To Make A Rag Quilts For Beginners
Here is a basic way for beginners to make a rag quilt for yourself or baby…rag quilt

1. Start by cutting 7″ fabric strips from salvedge to salvedge. Choose lots of different colors. TheĀ  more fabrics you use, the bigger your quilt will be. Cut an equal amount for the backing.

2. Next cut batting strips 6″ wide.

3.The next thing you’ll do is cut the fabric strips into 7″ squares. You’ll also cut the filling into 6″ blocks.

4. Layer one backing square with a centered batting piece, then the top square. Simply quilt the block. An X pattern is perfect.

5. Now it is time to layout the blocks into a pretty pattern. Choose two at a time and stitch them on one side with 1/2″ seams and the seam allowances towards the front of the quilt. I suggest stitching the rows together then going back and then stitching the long rows together.

6. Now the final step is to clip all of the seam allowances aprox. 1/2″ intervals. Be careful not to cut past the seam. And finally, throw the quilt in the washing machine and dryer.

Watch the beginners video that I’ve selected for you below. It will help you make you beginners rag blanket.

If you want to make an even easier rag quilt, just make strips like in this picture… really cute! This is easy for beginners and a wonderful baby blanket.

How To Make A Baby Rag Quilt
If you want to make a baby rag quilt, you can follow the same instructions as above, just make smaller blocks. Cut the fabric 6″ and the batting 5″. This is an ideal beginners project.

How To Make A Denim Rag Quilt
To make a denim rag quilt is similar to what we’ve learned above but does not have a center filling. Denim is heavy and rustic.
The top is all denim but the backing is colorful fabrics that peak to the denim side in the frayed seams. This would not be good for a baby but a purse would be cute and durable. I don’t recommend that beginners start with denim but it is great after you finished a project or two.

rag quilt purse
How To Make A Rag Quilt Purse
Now finally lets make a rag quilt purse or baby bag. Use the beginner instructions to make your purse. Sew the squares together like the photo. If you want a larger purse or baby bag, add more squares!

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