How To Use A Color Wheel To Design A Quilt

How To Make A Quilt With Impact!

Color Wheel For QuiltingIn this article I will teach you how to sew wall projects that use color to create impact! This information is easy to understand, it is like several classes in one!¬†Quilts are not only made to giving warmth… they are also viewed and collected as art. The popularity of art quilts is proof of that! In reality, quilts are highly prized and appreciated for the art and beauty they give to a room. When you are planning a new quilt project, you need to focus on the fabric patterns and tones you use because people are influenced by them before anything else. You don’t have to concerned with sewing supplies or easy sewing patterns.

You may have never thought of this subject but different hues can influence your physical and mental states. There should be classes taught about this subject. Marketing researchers study this all the time and use it to their advantage everyday(. This is easy and one of the most important factors (how to sew or stitch your projects is another important design option) you need to consider when deciding on your next fabric patterns.

Do you know how to sew so that they have a profound impact on people who see them? Here is an easy discussion on colors and what they mean:

-Brown Tones earthy tones such as brown convey comfort, simplicity, and credibility.

-Blue longevity and security. Researches show that blue brings a calming effect and suppresses appetite. Men usually love blue.

-Vibrant Red commonly represents high energy and vitality, red also commands attention. It is exciting and passionate. Women are inclined to like red.

-Orange is friendly and playful. It is casual and full of energy. This hue will certainly demand the viewer’s attention.

-Yellow is welcoming, it will surely uplift one’s energy. It feels warm and cheerful. It is very effective and beautiful when placed behind a dark background.

-Green this color is representative of comfort, health, and growth. It is calming and restful to the eyes.

-Black this color is a powerful and formal color and it can show high style.

-Grey is safe, it is reliable, mature, and somewhat predictable.

-White white is simple, clean, attractive, and precise.

Before deciding on the fabric patterns in your next quilting project, decide on what you want your project to convey to people. (Look for classes on this subject) Do you want an easy to look at wall hanging, one that will let your husband relax? Then try using blues and browns instead of vibrant reds.

have you viewed the video above yet? Well you will learn my new ideas using the information you have just learned! the video is a combination of all of my sewing classes.

I hope you have gained new ideas for how to make projects with inspiration from the hues all around you!


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